Quinn's Full Profile

During the dead of the night, Quinn and his twin brother broke out of a mysterious laboratory and were unfortunately separated. Although Quinn was picked up by Dia, his mind is constantly wandering to where his brother might be... despite Dia's best attempts to distract him.

Quinn is an extremely caring sibling and very protective. He worries about his sibling's well-being and perhaps he feels just a little bit... guilty?

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 1


Kayen's Full Profile

Although he comes across a bit cold and distant, in truth, Kayen really isn't sure if he is allowed to show emotions. He watches the actions of others in wonder and finds himself unsure if he is supposed to be the same way, or if he is supposed to remain as quiet as he has always been.

Deep inside, however, Kayen is dealing with a lot of torment... The longer he is free, the more flash backs begin to come back to him, and the more pain he feels. And it certainly doesn't help that he has no idea where his brother is...

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 1

Domino Jones

Domino's Full Profile

Having spent the last chunk of his life locked away in a mental institute just to protect his younger brother, Domino is no longer really sure what to do with himself... He never imagined he would break free, nor did he imagine that such strange things would be happening around him...! In truth, he's not really sure how to handle it, and finds himself slowly breaking down second by second.

Domino is very protective of those he cares about and will do anything to keep them safe.

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 19

Chess Jones

Chess' Profile

When his parents were murdered in front of him, Chess seemed to completely lose his mind. Things no longer began to make sense and he would try to string words together, only to have them come out jumbled. He seemed fine being this way... until Kayen came into his life.

With Kayen around, Chess' mind began to heal. And now, slowly, thoughts and realities are coming back to him... along with flash backs that are painful.

Chess is very sweet and passionately wants to take care of Kayen, who is like a lifeline to him. They are connected in ways neither of them can explain and he knows that without Kayen, his world would fall apart again...

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 19

Dia "Dos" Sanchez

Dia's Full Profile

Although he may seem like a pretty average guy, Dia has a lot of secrets that he doesn't want unveiled. It seems a majority of them center around Rain, who he appears to have some sort of... negative past with. He does his best to make himself appear the victim, but in actuality, that's not as true as you'd think...

Dia was the star of the soccer team in high school, but since then hadn't done much. He spent some time away from home and only recently returned. The circumstances surrounding that, however, as fairly unknown.

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Page 5

Dash Park

Dash's Full Profile

Although he comes across as snarky and confident, Dash is actually very meek and has a minuscule amount of self-esteem. He was often teased his entire life and until he met Rain in high school, he was completely lost... when they found each other, however, they both became more attached than either of them would like to admit.

Dash prefers to spend his time at home, which his parents are absolutely fine with. Whenever he can, however, he hangs out with Rain and loves to spend any time they possibly can with one another.

First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 17

Rain Bastion

Rain's Gallery

Although he gives off an air of being a sort of nerdy loner, there is quite a bit more to Rain that meets the eye. Being used in the past has made him in to a stronger person and now he wants to do his best to protect others from having the same thing happen... even if it means putting himself in harm's way.

Rain is very kind, but can also be extremely judgemental when it comes to people who have done wrong to those he cares for. From there, people are irredeemable, and he is more than happy to be upfront about that with them.

Whenever Rain addresses someone, he tries not to use the word 'you' - instead, using that person's name as a sign of respect. When he does call someone 'you', it means that he very much dislikes that person.

First Appearance: Chapter 3, Page 7